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Optical Specifications

100% Uv Protection

All OXEA sun-lenses filter 100% of harmful UV and are certified best optical quality – zero distortion. Indeed, OXEA lenses guarantee HD visual clarity and the very best quality eyewear that money can buy !


OXEA True-Lite lenses provide “True to Life” restitution of the natural light spectrum which surrounds us. True-Lite lenses possess neutral, smoke-based light filters, and are perfectly adapted to prolonged use.


Warm-Lite lenses denote a tinted base lens which transforms the natural colours around us, and adds warmth and depth of perception. However some people may suffer from intolerance to this colour change, and Warm-Lite lenses can be less suited to prolonged use.


Gradient-tinted sun-lenses are used on the fashion glasses to project that “extra glamorous” look. The perfect finishing touch for capturing that super cool look when out & about town.

VISION 180° - Full Shield lenses

These sweeping full shield lenses have become a lasting trend-setter and offer extremely hi tech optical performance. VISION 180° lenses optimise lateral protection and peripheral vision. They are perfect both for leisure use and all-action sporting activities. 

XT - Lenses

These are high performance lenses, designed to keep your eyes nice and cool and comfortable during prolonged exposure to extreme sunlight. Not only do these lenses filter out 100% of harmful UV light, but also filter 100% of invisible infrared, up to …1000nm. Choosing an XT lens is a high tech solution to stop you from suffering from tired eyes at the end of a long day on the snow or the open sea ! Available with extra dark Cat 4 lenses.

XT- Polarised Lenses

The highest step up in oculaire protection & performance. These PC injected lenses provide full “XT protection” from extreme sunlight, and in addition bring along polarised vision. Polarised lenses cut reflected light and enhance visual acuity. Particularly well-suited for use on & around water. You can choose from a range of Cat.3 or Cat.4 optics.


All OXEA lenses typically benefit from a hi-tech mirror finish. Mirrors are designed to cut-sun glare and improve visual perception. You can choose from a vast choice of bright REVO colors. Otherwise choose a silver flash mirror or fashion lens should you prefer a more discrete look.