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Frame Technology

There are over 150 different frame shapes to choose from in the OXEA collection, so there is really something for everyone. Here is an explanation of the basic technical terms with regards to differing frame designs and materials.


The “PROTECT+” logo appears on those OXEA frame designs, which guarantee full “wrap-around the eyes” protection. Indeed, if you do require optimum lateral protection, for sports or leisure use, we strongly recommend that you choose a frame with the “PROTECT+” logo. Many of these PROTECT+ frame designs are also fully certified as CE Cat 4 compatible and offer the maximum oculaire protection from extreme sunlight.


This wide range of sunglasses is ideal for general leisure utilisation, and offers 100% UV protection along with style & elegance. However in terms of lateral protection the frame designs tend to stand further away from the face, and can allow UV to enter the eye laterally to some extent. Consequently, LIFESTYLE sunglasses are less recommended for sports or prolonged exposition to extreme sunlight.

Frame Materials

OXEA frames are manufactured using exclusive, high-end sports frame materials.

Swiss TR90

Frames are injected using SWISS-produced TR90 nylon. This material is ultra lightweight and provides exceptional comfort.

Bio-Tec France

Over half of the annual OXEA sunglass frame production, now features the “BIO-TEC France” label. This eco-friendly frame material is 50% bio-degradable, whilst maintaining all the advantages of TR90 nylon. Indeed it is ultra-light weight and guarantees perfect comfort.

Long Lasting Performance

OXEA sunglasses are built to resist the wear & tear of repeated daily use. They are practically unbreakable, thanks to the highly resistant & supple frame materials (TR90 & BIO-TEC) combined with the highest excellence in lens cutting & fitting.